Hello, my name is Alaina Hawkins and I am a student from Bellville Elementary.I am going to tell you an experience of a lifetime. A couple kids and I are going to document the school being built.

 We are taking pictures and writing.The people who are teaching us were both english teachers their names are Mr. Kossick and Mr.Cunningham.Now I will start talking about the good stuff!So I will tell you about all the WALKLING! We all have to walk a half mile to go up and down.It is AWFUL!

So now we have to play at the kindergarten playground .That is so small! So we can’t do much.Plus when it is raining we slip and fall!

In this paragraph I will tell you about All the noise.In class we have to listen to it even during tests!

A couple of times a crane was right by my bus window! It is so loud.Especially when we are walking down the hill.  

In this paragraph I will talk about what is different.To get to lunch we have a walking path. At recess we only get 10 minutes and the same at lunch.Another thing that is different is we do not have AR we just have reading logs.And all the rooms have changed so I do not know where to go!We have a ton of new stuff that I did not name.

In this paragraph I will talk about what is the same.We mostly have all the same teachers but in different rooms.We still have to walk down a hill and we still have recess.And of course we still have school.

I am going to tell you about all the machines we see.So far we have seen a crane the most.And now we have been seeing different things. Like a big red thingie and a black crane.And a big pile of dirt.There is also a pile at the lower building.Plus to all of the people who helped put the railing up thank you very much!

I have described everything so I am going to start to talk about what is happening every week.I haven’t been blogging so often so now we have one wall up!!!!!!I really haven’t blogged for a while



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