My name is Kabuto. I am one of the chosen kids from third grade to film and document the construction of the school being built. Everyone in my group got a digital camera so we could film and document it. First a major thing is that the walkway is super long! It is very easy to trip or fall on it. Another thing is our playground is now gone, but we have another playground! When we walk down the hill, you can see a lot of neat things to watch. For instance, the machines look cool because they move a lot of dirt. Also, the construction is not as loud as I thought. There is a huge pile of dirt in the middle of the walkway and it is cool because it looks like it will fall down on you.  Their names are Edward Kossick (Mr.Bowtie) and Mr. Cunningham. Mr. Kossick is a Butler and Bellville technology teacher. Mr.Cunningham is a butler fourth grade teacher. They are very nice. I think the project is going very good.


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