Hi my name is Nash Evans I will be talking to you about the construction in BellvileElementry

There are a lot of things that i will be talking about some things are cool some things are not cool.Now i am going to talk about what i do not like about the construction.First, thing that i hate about the construction is the long walk that we have to walk to get to lunch.Second,I don’t like how we don’t have a big playground.last, thing is know we can’t get picked up at the end of the hill

          That is all the things that I do not like about the construction as you can see sometimes it is hard for me and the other people at the Bellvile Elementry school

Now i am going to tell you what i do like about the construction.First,thing is that the next school will have better looks and wont be so old it will be brand new.Second, thing is we do get a exercise when we walk down to the lower building.last, thing is the new school will have air conditioning.that is all the things that i like about the new school.

I hope you enjoyed my first page now you now the good and the bad things about the construction i will talk more about the construction in my next page.


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