Our mission is to document the construction of the new Bellville and Butler schools through the eyes of the students.  Here is how we plan to accomplish this:

  1. Students have been given observation journals in which they write their observations and emotions.  Students have been dealing with noise, loss of a playground, and other inconveniences.  We want to know how they are reacting.
  2. Students have been given their own digital cameras.  They are taking pictures and videos that will be uploaded to this website.
  3. We have placed time lapse cameras at Bellville and Butler to quickly show the construction over time.  Students will help edit the videos.
  4. Students will personally interview members of the Clear Fork family for their thoughts and opinions on the construction and the excitement of the new buildings.
  5. This is a long project.  It will encompass multiple classes and age ranges.  We hope to develop student writing, story telling, editing, web design, and technology integration skills.

Ed Kossick & Eric Cunningham
Project Supervisors