Nash Evans #1

Hi my name is Nash Evans I will be talking to you about the construction in BellvileElementry There are a lot of things that i will be talking about some things are cool some things are not cool.Now i am going to talk about what i do not like about the construction.First, thing that i … Continue reading Nash Evans #1


Kabuto #1

My name is Kabuto. I am one of the chosen kids from third grade to film and document the construction of the school being built. Everyone in my group got a digital camera so we could film and document it. First a major thing is that the walkway is super long! It is very easy … Continue reading Kabuto #1

Alaina #1

Hello, my name is Alaina Hawkins and I am a student from Bellville Elementary.I am going to tell you an experience of a lifetime. A couple kids and I are going to document the school being built.  We are taking pictures and writing.The people who are teaching us were both english teachers their names are … Continue reading Alaina #1

Marcus #1

Hi I am Marcus Hoeflich.I am one of those kids at Bellville Elementary school ,and I am going to tell you how it feels like at this school. First It stinks going down the hill in the rain.At recess we have to play on the first grade playground. In are classroom it is so loud … Continue reading Marcus #1

Ava #1

Hello my name is Ava Carr and I am from Butler Elementary and I am in 4th grade, I am very upset to lose the school but I am happy for the other kids that will be in the new school. Our playground has been taken out and we do not get recess. Our whole … Continue reading Ava #1

Hailly #1

I am a student from Bellville Elementary.My name is Hailly Thrush.I am in a construction club , it is about how our new school is built and how it is built. Right now they are starting to build the wall. The walls are going to be around the gym.The walls are light gray and the … Continue reading Hailly #1